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Why Filter Water?

"I can have truly clean, pure water, help the environment and save money too?  How?"
Why should I be concerned about my water?
Your body is composed of approximately 70% water.  You can go for many days without food, but only a short time without water!  Our bodies need a steady supply of clean water to function properly. 

There can be any variety of toxic and even cancer-causing chemicals and impurities in tap water.  Toxic substances such as nitrates and chemicals from treatments plants are commonly found.  Even bottled waters can contain impurities and chemicals such as chlorine, which is a known cancer-causing chemical, and phthalate, which can leach from plastic and has been found in bottled water. 

In fact, NRDC (The National Resources Defense Council) testing revealed that about one third of the bottled waters they tested contained significant contamination (i.e., levels of chemical or bacterial contaminants exceeding those allowed under a state or industry standard or guideline) in at least one test.

Can environmental factors affect the water quality in my home?
Yes.  Floods, fires, leaking and aging pipes, repairs to pipes...there are many factors that can greatly affect the quality and safety of tap water in your home or office.  And, these factors don't just affect your health but they also affect things as simple as the taste of the coffee you make or the taste of your ice cubes from your refrigerator!
Can't I just buy bottled water in the grocery store?
There are a number of problems with buying bottled water:
1)  It's costly, usually much more than people realize (Americans spend 240 - 10,000 times more for bottled water than tap).
2)  The water you pay such a high price for is, in fact, usually only partially filtered if at all.  NRDC testing revealed that approximately 25% of bottled water was actually just tap water.
3)  Due to minimal regulations the bottled water can be more polluted than tap, and dangerous chemicals from the plastic leach into the water.
4)  It's so very bad for the planet to produce, recycle and throw out all of those bottles especially when there is a much better alternative. 
Is buying water in bottles really that bad for the planet?
Yes!  50 million barrels of oil are used each year just to produce plastic water bottles!
Fossil fuels are used in the making, filling and transporting of water bottles: from the bottle maker to the water company to the store and in your car to your home or office.  And, don't forget the time and energy it takes for you to drag water around!  You also must have a place to store water if you use bottles, whatever kind you use. 

It requires fossil fuels and energy to recycle all those bottles.  Yet, even with recycling efforts, 2 million tons of plastic water bottles end up in landfills each year!  And it can take 400-1000 years for the plastic to degrade in a landfill.

But, now, MultiPure is available and it's pennies per gallon for the best tasting, pure water!  No more damaging the planet with the manufacturing, filling, transporting and recycling all those plastic bottles!  No more burning fossil fuels transporting it yourself from the store to your home or office!  And no more wasting your time lugging water from the store or you home or office!  And, it costs much less!
Can't I use something like the filters they sell in chain stores?
You can buy water filters you see on TV, in big-box stores or on the internet, but until now it's been confusing to sort out which filters are any good and which ones are not. 

If you carefully listen to TV ads for these filters, they say they will make your water "taste" better.  It doesn't matter if it tastes better if it doesn't remove the toxins!  They do not and cannot claim that they remove many impurities.  They at best reduce a short list of impurities, usually less than a dozen.  There are other filters available that are more expensive than the ones in the big-box stores, but none can even come close to the standard Multipure has set. 

Multipure is in a class by itself!  Mutipure reduces more contaminants than any other filter, period!  And we've got the certifications to prove it!
Filtered water for cooking my food and washing my produce?  It never occurred to me!
Of course we need to rinse everything we ingest with clean water!  When you have a Multipure filter you can use clean water for ALL your kitchen preparation needs.  You'll notice the difference the pure, clean water makes when you rinse vegetables, make tea, and cook pasta and other foods.  You can easily connect your Multipure filter to your refrigerator ice-maker and water dispenser and have pure water there too!
Why Multipure?  The Top 10...
1)  The BEST test results hands down - Multipure goes through extensive independent, third-party testing (That's really important; we do not make wild claims based only on our own test results!) that far surpasses any other water filter on the market, so you can trust the water you drink will be pure and taste great, all for about 9 cents per gallon!  We're proud of our best-in-class test results and will proudly show you the documentation and certification!
2)  Reduces or removes more contaminates than any other filter on the market!
3)  A company you can trust - Multipure has been providing the best water filters for 40 years.  They are family owned, and are committed to providing the very best products available.
4)  Certified by the National Sanitation Foundation - The NSF testing ensures that Multipure meets the highest of standards!
5)  Consumer Reports Best Buy - Consumer Reports has listed Multipure as the Best unit and as a Best-Buy for four years in a row!
6)  Lifetime Warranty on the Stainless Steel Housing - Our units are built to last!
7)  90 Day Money Back Guarantee on every unit we sell!
8)  Tastes better than bottled water.
9)  One of the least expensive filters to maintain.
10)  High Customer Satisfaction and Retention!

All for about 9 cents per gallon!

Save money!
Americans spent 15-21 BILLION dollars each year on bottled water!  Why waste hundreds of dollars a year on lower quality water, hauling bottles back and forth, and adding to environmental stress, when you can have pure water for about 9 cents per gallon?  Get a Multipure filter today!
With Multipure you have water that is pure, more healthful, and more economical!  Call us today and let us help you find the unit that is best for your home or office.
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