Best-in-class water filtration


Quality Top Ten

  1.  The BEST third-party test results hands down.
  2. Reduces or removes a higher number of contaminates and a larger percentage of those contaminates than any other water filter on the market.
  3. A trusted, family owned company, in business since 1970.
  4. Certified by the National Sanitation Foundation and the Water Quality Association.
  5. Consumer Reports Best-Buy years in a row.
  6. Lifetime Warranty.
  7. 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  8. Five-star customer satisfaction and retention.
  9. Less expensive up front AND less expensive to maintain.
  10. Made and operated in the USA.


Choose What's Best For You

We offer an impressive product line with options whether you own or rent:

whole-house units
counter-top units
under-sink in-line units
travel/mini units

shower units

gardening units

Call us today and let us help you find the right water filtration unit for your home or office. 



We make it possible for you to get the water filter system you need without breaking your budget:

Unit Cost - lower cost up front

Maintenance Cost- lower cost to maintain

100% Free Financing - no interest, no fees

And, the cost for this high-level of quality is a fraction of the cost
of bottled water!


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