About Us


Our Cleaner Water Mission

At Restoration Filtration, our mission is to get cleaner water into every home and office.

With the amazing product line and unsurpassed quality of our suppliers, and 100% free financing for customers, we are equipped to do just that!

We have water systems that fit every budget and a broad product line that makes it easy to find just what you need to have healthier water
in your home or office.


Experience and Professionalism

We've been providing outstanding water filtration systems for a decade, and we've earned a reputation for honesty and integrity. We love helping customers pick the system that is right for their needs.



We offer an impressive product line with options whether you own or rent including:

whole-house units

counter-top units

under-sink in-line units

travel/mini units
shower units
gardening units
Call us today and let us help you find the right unit for your home or office. 

Certified Distributor

A Certified Multipure Distributor


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